Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

An individual can earn a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary by working with children and adults who suffer from mental health conditions. Their work involves helping patients to recover from mental illness or to come to terms to help themselves to maximize their potential in life.

Mental health nurses work alongside trained psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, occupational therapists, social workers and a range of other health professionals in order to plan and deliver care through a multidisciplinary patient-centered approach.

Registered mental health nurses work with patients in their patients’ own homes, in community healthcare facilities, hospital departments and specialist units. The role involves caring for patients with acute mental distress or enduring mental illnesses, assessing patients’ problems and discussing the care delivery.

Psychiatric nurses build relationships with patients, ensure that patients take their medication and respond to distressed patients. They also help patients to manage their emotions and behaviors and prepare therapy sessions for patients, including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) therapies.

They encourage patients to partake in occupational therapies and organize social events to improve patients’ social skills. In addition, they maintain patient records, produce care plans, work with patients’ relatives and carers to educate them about mental health problems, and promote a “recovery” approach to care.

The median annual Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary is around $66,000. This median wage is the income that the majority of psychiatric nurses earn. The lowest 10% of psychiatric nurses earn an Average Nurse Salary of less than $44,000 per annum while the top 10% earn a Nurse Salary greater than $95,000.

The median annual Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary for those working in private general healthcare and surgical hospitals is around $66,000. The median annual wage for registered psychiatric nurses in offices of physicians is around $62,000 while that for psychiatric nurses working in home healthcare services is $60,000. Psychiatric nurses working in nursing care facilities can earn around $58,000 per annum.

The majority of the employers of psychiatric nurses offer flexible working hours, child care, continuing professional development education programs, and bonuses. Around 19% of all registered psychiatric nurses are members of a union or are safeguarded by some form of union contract.

Around 20% of registered psychiatric nurses earning a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary work part time. Patients staying in hospitals and nursing home facilities require round-the-clock care. Psychiatric nurses therefore work in rotating shifts in these settings. Psychiatric nurses may work night shifts, weekends, and public holidays. They may also work on call, meaning that they must be available to work with little notice.